How Thought Forms Can Be Used to Manifest Your Desired Reality


Learning how to control and manipulate thought forms is one of the most important secrets of reality creation. Ignorance of this once hidden knowledge is the reason why most people fail in their attempts to apply the law of attraction in their lives.

The deliberate creation of thought forms is a skill which can be mastered by anyone motivated enough to study the workings of the mental plane. The first step in this potentially life-changing undertaking is a thorough understanding of the true nature and behavior of thought forms.

Ever since Prentice Mulford used the (now iconic) words Thoughts Are Things as the title for his 1889 book, this important metaphysical declaration has been thrown around rather casually by many “new age” writers, often unaware of its true meaning and far-reaching consequences. More than being merely a poetic metaphor, these three magical words literally reveal the true nature and power of the mental process.

Within the mental plane (the subtle dimension adjoining the astral or emotional plane) any thought, no matter how casual or fleeting, takes on a definite form and life of its own. Highly gifted psychics and mystics, able to access the mental plane through astral vision, have provided us with detailed information about the distinctive shapes and colors which are generated by a person’s mental process.

Your thoughts and emotions are instantly reflected in the hidden mental domain as distinct floating forms with identifiable characteristics and boundaries. Whether fully conscious or not, your imagination, thinking process and visualizations affects and imprints this subtle dimension of light by materializing what has come to be known in occult literature as thought forms.

Immediately after they are formed, these etheric entities continue to exist independent of their creator(s) – at least for a period of time, depending on their strength and circumstance of creation. Thus, the mental plane is populated by an infinite number of thought forms, each struggling to manifest in the physical plane either independently or by combining with other etheric individuals of similar frequency.

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A thought form will behave in a number of ways, depending on how well-formed it is, its energy component or strength, its original purpose and the environment which it encounters as it journeys through the mental plane. Here are the three distinct possibilities:

  • Fleeting or disjointed thoughts usually produce faint, poorly-formed etheric substances which disintegrate almost immediately.  These weak thought forms usually stay close to home, hanging around their creator like bunches of grapes, eventually dissolving and reintegrating back into the quantum field.
  • Unconscious or uncontrolled thoughts which are accompanied by such strong emotions as anger or despair, will usually seek to combine with other already existing entities of matching frequencies as they struggle to manifest in the physical world.  Whenever such thought forms are negative or destructive in nature, they can adversely affect their creator(s) by attaching themselves to the subtle body which produced them.
  • Well-planned, consciously generated thoughts will create “healthy,” purposeful etheric forms which, when sufficiently energized by a strong emotion, will manifest their intended purpose with little or no interference or modification.

It is quite obvious that your thoughts are not to be taken lightly or used indiscriminately.  Any negative thought, such as a curse or ill-will directed at another person, can backfire and return to its sender if the target vibrates at a much higher frequency than the negative intent.

Each and every one of your thought forms will leave an energetic imprint or record on your etheric body and, if strong enough, this residue will try to manipulate and influence your future thinking.  Therefore, be aware that some of your mental attachments or desires may simply be the result of a loop or feedback mechanism produced by these imprints and should be nipped in the bud before they can develop into an obsession or addiction.

If you intend to manifest a specific desired reality, you must consistently stay aware of your thinking process.  Avoid making casual judgments or engaging in unfocused mental chatter because these can backfire and harm you – especially if the resulting the thought forms are negative in nature and the decide to reattach themselves to you in a destructive or mischievous manner.

To manifest a desired circumstance in your life, first write down your intentions in the form of a positive affirmation (avoiding the words no, not, don’t and won’t) and frame your statement in the present tense.  When you have finally encapsulated your desire, read what you have written out aloud and then keep repeating these affirmations in a successively softer voice until it is no more than a thought in your head.

This is only part of the manifesting process since thought forms need to be fed or energized in order to make them even more effective.  Think of thought forms as the vehicles or prototypes which direct and focus to the energy of creation.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the statement “thoughts are things,” you know better than to engage in idle, directionless thinking.  Make sure that all your thoughts are deliberate and constructive in nature so that your life will unfold effortlessly and magically as you realize all that your desire.

Source by Edwin S Lopez

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