Law of Attraction – Do You Know These 6 Manifestation Killers?


When you engage the Law of Attraction, and manifestation didn’t take place, you cry foul. You accuse LOA to be nothing but a “get more money scam” by the gurus. Just before you throw the Law of Attraction out of the window, do yourself a favor and check out the follow 6 manifestation killers that maybe lurking in your life – consciously or subconsciously.

Get rid of these 6 killers from your life and up your chance of getting what you want – fast!

Beginning with the least vicious killer….

  1. Giving Up: – Oh it’s too difficult. Maybe I don’t really want it anyway. It’s not really so important to have it. It won’t work for me.

    Does these sounds familiar? Are you guilty of (at least one of) the above?

    The only time you ABSOLUTELY will NOT get what you want, is when you give it up. Once you stop trying, you murder any tiny possibilities of getting what you want.

    So the lesson here: Keep practicing and make LOA a part of you. Work on the steps over and over again.

  2. No Action: – You cannot get what you want owning a copy of The Secret. Neither can you by reading the book or watching the movie.

    Get this straight. You need to get your butt off the chair and spring into action. But not just any action. It should be appropriate action. Act based on your inner callings.

  3. Inability to Visualize: – Did you visualize with full sensory vividness and program your crystal with your desired outcome? If your image faded off or you can’t “see” it in your mind’s eye, chances are your mental muscles are too weak.

    Work on your mental muscles then.

  4. Lack of Emotional Fuel: – Did you experience the emotions of your wish fulfilled? And that means feeling relax, happy and satisfied during the crystal programming
  5. Inner Block: – Inner blocks can reside inside you for decades without you knowing. But how do you know you have an inner block?

    Mr Lichtman put it best. He said: “Whenever you are experiencing anything other than inner joy, loving, harmony, enthusiasm, high energy and a sense of fulfillment of your potential, you are encountering a blocker.”

    The good thing is, there are many wonderful tools out there to help you release blocks. Have you use any of them to release off your blocks, or even try looking for one?

  6. Holding On to Your Desire: – In my most honest opinion, this is the hardest to work with. But here’s a good new. It’s difficult but not impossible to let go.

    You can train your mind to do that.

    Let me share it here: The first moment you gain awareness in the morning, just before you open your eyes, repeat the following 10 times in the most relaxed manner:

    “I trust The Universe to deliver what I want, or something better to me.”

    …and then smile….

    Do the same just before you drift off to dreamland at night.

Read and re-read the article. Understand the enemies of manifestation. As the ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu taught his men to “know your enemy” before going into battle. For if “you know your enemy and know yourself,” he wrote, “you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The same truth holds for the law of attraction and manifestation.

Source by Glen Lim

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