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If you do a little research on time management you can come up with some pretty interesting statistics which are really eye opening. And we all know that time management is a crucial element when it comes to being productive or effective at what we do.

A study by Basics, a New York research firm, found that office distractions ate up almost 2.1 hours a day for the average workers.

On a typical day officer workers are interrupted about seven times an hour, which adds up to 56 interruptions a days, 80% of which are considered trivial.

Can you relate?

I surely can. We all have to “fight” against trivial distractions in order to stay focused and do the task before us the best we can. There’s always another phone call, there’s always another email, there’s always something coming up and that’s going to try to get us off track. We all have got 365 days a year, but if we really break it down and look at all the days we have to be productive, and if we take into consideration all the time we need to spend with our family and doing other things, really our time is very limited to what we have to do.

The solution is then to leverage our time. We need to use technology in order to send out our message or our offer with no obligation for us to be out there. Internet is a great tool for leveraging our time. We can do a job once and if it’s done well we don’t need to be there anymore. At McDonalds they don’t have the best hamburger in town but they surely have one of the best if not the best system in town. All successful businesses have, at one level or another, an automated process.

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Does this apply to your online business? It surely does. We all need to leverage our time by setting up as many things as we can on autopilot. In order to do so we have at our disposal many tools.

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Let’s take only one example and talk about the power of using audio in your online marketing. Audio allows you to massively leverage your time. Audio allows you to clone it. Itallows you to deliver a sales message without you having to be there, taking you out of the picture. Using recorded audio and audio interviews and delivery over the Internet allows you to duplicate yourself. You may have 1,000 people listening to some recording on your site from all over the world. And in the same time be on a webinar delivering another message to one other thousand of people.

Internet is all about leverage. You could be pitching, selling, teaching, educating hundreds of people all over the world in the same time twenty four hours a day. All it takes in general is just doing the job once and doing it as well as you can.

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