The Sell of Ones Soul to the Devil


Evil are much on the increase in our today’s dispensation. Sin and evil is encroaching as a normal life. Reprobates are taking evil by the horns not knowing that the advantages to be gained from doing bad are not worth the expense or trouble involved rather it leads one to go to the dog. In the circular world today, in every human endeavor, you see a situation of fierce competition in which people are willing to harm each other in order to succeed. These are common in the government, school, business etc and many other religious places of worship, like the church, mosque, and shrine and even in the royal throne. People don’t consider the value of life nor cares whether the laws exist, though some are laws unto themselves. Everybody lives as he/she wants to live, both the old and young. Selfishness and quest become the trends of the day. As the day gets older, sin and evil increases. Every human being has a very potential, a precious thing God deposited into every one. You have not even discovered yours uncompleted and if you haven’t started, what are then are you waiting for. Nobody is created to use what somebody else has, neither created to be a horse to anybody. There is an input in you which the world wants to see when it is outputted. Man is in ignorant of his adversary, the devil, an enemy who is fighting against you indefatigably. He is only jealous of what you have. He is a spiritual being, that’s why you can’t see him physical, but can be seen in manifestation, such like in running human life, doing some false miracle through magic, and many of his devices. This devil has been in heaven before as the Holy Scripture records. He was an ark angel of the almighty God. But it happens that he wants to be like his master. Pride and self-ego dethroned him from his honor. He was cast out to hell fire for him and those angels that were deceived and to every human being that will be his victim. The devil doesn’t want to be in hell alone, he needs some company too. He never wants the good of any one, because he has lost his opportunity forever. The bible said, “He came to kill your soul, destroy and steal them away from you”. He too knew the potentials that are in you. He steals your human soul by buying them with a penny, or fame, leading them from frying pan to fire. Hell is not made for humans, but the choice is yours, the ball is automatically in your court.

This devil, that buys people of ignorant, their soul, is crafty, wise and curry, a deceiver. He can come when you are at desperate need, when it seems no hope. He can set into your heart when you start desiring somethings. He may tell you lie to cheat on you. Remember he told Eve that when she eats the fruit, they will not really die, but be like god, knows both good and evil. The sell of one’s soul to the devil is an idiom which is to do anything, even something dishonest, in return for money, fame, fun etc. The love of money, fame, beauty etc is actually roots of all evil going on here on earth. Everybody wants to be rich, and well known and beautiful. Some wants to be like others, but it is possible that other people cap may not fit you, people to achieve this evil desire through hook and crook. You may be hearing it for the first time that the little thing you are getting from your dishonest activities attracts the better one you have.

The devil takes the best in you and gives you the one which is temporal, but no enjoyment. Today people trade their right to the devil through man. They don’t consider the consequences. There many forms in which human beings sell their soul to the devil.

One of this is involving in robber or being a thief. To rob is to take property from a person or place illegally, a person who robs or involved in a theft or stealing is a robber. This is one of the major way, youths today sell their destiny and future to the devil. Robbers are not born but are made. As they practice, they draw near to perfection. Circumstances and environment or company makes people to involve themselves in crimes. Nobody is actually born to be a thief or arm-robber, because we are God’s image, and God doesn’t have any gene of robbery in him; though this flesh can resist sin. People work in the street freely and enjoy life as they mean but the sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads. The wealth you may acquire through evil doing may not last and have no peace no enjoyment. A criminal is a criminal whether of high class or low class. The grave is full of wealth and resources. Billions of talents which might be useful to the society are daily wasting in the grave. Nobody wants to develop what God put into him/her; rather they became jealous of other progress. It is unfortunate for you to take what you don’t deserve or merit, maybe because you are armed. You don’t have to be a terror to other lives. When you give yourself to robbery, the devil uses that avenue to steal your soul, right and body into hell fire, where you will lose your life forever, for it is eternal, having no end.

Some others ways in which people trade their soul to the devil is by being an assassin or thug. Assassins are people employed to commit murder especially somebody important or famous, for money or for political reasons while thugs are an aggressive person; a violent criminal. People collect money to terminate others life. It’s obvious that assassin or thugs that are paid to destroy lives might be the future politician or famous person in the society tomorrow, but because of impatient, they sell their destiny to the devil for a perishable merry. Some of those people that paid assassins or thugs or even create problems in the society might have their families being preserved in other foreign countries, enjoying life bus misuses the future of other families. But the evil that man does shall surely live before and after them. When robbers, assassins and thugs have the knowledge of their helpless state or what their fate is all about, fatality will advice them to quit.

Others are through prostitution. Trading of one’s physically body also leads to selling your soul to the devil. Prostitution is never a business. No part of human body has anything to offer for sale. You don’t have to pay for services or appointment in kind. If there is anything you have in kind, it’s definitely not your body. You may acquire wealth, fun/pleasure through prostitution, but it cannot be compared with that thing the devil has stolen from your life. Your sexual parts are never currency and not made for what you want but what God wants so you don’t need to use it for what you want. Don’t miss your opportunity rather for just a penny, for there are consequences. Every prostitute must one day regret for an exchange of their soul. What shall you gain when you use your body to acquire certificate, employment, wealth fame etc and didn’t enjoy it or be Gods wrath? A prostitute is a person who offers herself or himself for sex with somebody in return for money. To use one’s abilities, talent, virtues, soul etc wrongly or in a way that is not worthy of them, all in the aim of earning money and fame. People take this act as business. Remember if you commit fornication with somebody, you are automatically joined to that person, becoming one flesh. But today some people cannot count the number of people they have messed-up themselves with. That is why God made sex for married couples, because it is the unit for their commitment, trust and faithfulness. What’s true is that, prostitution is the act of taking one body and soul to the devil.

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The last but shouldn’t be the only way of one trading his/her soul to the wicked devil is by joining a secret cult/occult. Secret cult/occult is one of the direct way in which people lost their precious soul. It is like a man taking a goat to the market for sale. They may give you wealth, beauty, fame etc which are artificial, but in return takes what is far more than their offer. The unfortunate condition is that, it last but for a moment. A system of religious worship especially one expressed in rituals that is not known or seen, or must not be known or seen, by others, are termed secret cults, or involving magical or supernatural powers. Some may be deceived by some signs, which are false, immaterial. The devil can also perform miracles but fake.

There are some but a few reasons why people trade their souls to the devil, through robbery, thug and assassins, involving in secret occultism and prostitution. It could be laziness, impatient, ignorance of what one worth and consequences, greediness, selfishness, excessive quest for wealth, beauty and fame – impatient leads to go contrary to some one wish and God’s will for oneself. Though it may tarry, it only takes you time and determination development to get to your destination. Nobody is born to be dependent, or parasite. Success is waiting when you will only make a move to your destiny. You are already privileged by God your creator. Don’t be move by the sights of circumstances, don’t allow other person out there to use you for an animal.

Consequences for these acts are inevitable. Hell fire which was made for the devil and those that were deceive and will be deceive. Hell is no mans friend, when we are talking of hell fire, people take it for a joke hell is real; besides some of this are experiencing some hell or the other here on earth, before getting to the eternal. They have limitation to human rights, and are prove too premature. Diseases, prisons and other dangerous perils wait for these people discussed.

Source by Joshua Okwara

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